Joy Fulbright

The main character of this comic. Joy is an 11 year old tomboy who is an only child who lives with her divorced mother. Joy has a skewed view of the world around her and sees a lot of the crap for what it is. Shes ahead of the curb, a bit of a bully, but is also impulsive.

Joys outfit is somewhat based off of Charles Schulte's "Peppermint Patty", who as we all know was the real heroine of 'Peanuts'.

In the web toons Joy is voiced by Amanda Kay.



Kimmy Park

Joys best friend. Like Joy, Kimmy has a bit of a skewed view of life. Kimmy is an artist and enjoys creating comics, and going on adventures with Joy. Both girls have a bit of a lonly life at home and share a devilish delight in getting into trouble. Kimmy is more of a middle man in the trio.

Kimmys wears a quasi-goth outfit and is more down to earth than Joy is.


KImmy is voiced by Bindy Coda in the webtoons.

Neil Green

More of Kimmys friend than Joys, hes a quiet boy who likes to read and wants to get ahead in life.Although Neil doesn't always enjoy having Joy around, he does share some of her perspectives on life and the world.

Neil doesn't have much of a sense of humor and is very much the straightman of the trio.

Joanna Amador

One of Joys antagoniosts.Joanna is boy crazy and stakes claim to the ones she likes, even if they aren't aware of her. Shes somewhat inspired by the girls I grew up with when I was a kid, but also on kids who grow up too fast. We've all seen 10 year olds in make up and dressed like they're from 'Jersey Shore' at some point.