Halloween Candy Ad

2nd Sep 2014, 7:49 AM
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Halloween Candy Ad
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Johnathan Wrathborne 2nd Sep 2014, 7:49 AM edit delete
Ok gents and gentles, this is a BIG project and I could use a few donations to make it happen. I don't normally even consider crowdfunding, as I don't think my work has much value, but this project is special. If you wanna donate $1, donate $1. If you wanna donate $3.50, donate $3.50. Anything is appreciated!

I reached the goal!

In case anyone is curious If I can animate or not, here ya go!
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GigaNerd17 2nd Sep 2014, 1:14 PM edit delete reply
I'm getting a new credit card later this week, so expect something from me. Best of luck, Johnathan! :)
Johnathan Wrathborne 3rd Sep 2014, 3:31 AM edit delete reply
Reached the $50 goal in a day. Wow. $55.75 donated total. Thats $19.25 left on the stretch goal! Thanks everyone who donated! I really appreciate it!
ShadeProductions 15th Sep 2014, 5:35 AM edit delete reply
If I wasn't poor and had a credit card, I would donate, I have no money because of stupid reptiles which would lead to my internet being cut off in two days. Before it does, I want to ask you if you would like to be a part of Shade Productions animation and illustration, we do all sorts of comics and art, we have a facebook, comic fury (obviously), and a youtube, a devian art is coming art is coming soon. If you're interested I will tell you more, just send a message on the facebook page, www.facebook.com/shadeproductionsanimationandillustration
SaraRiku 5th Sep 2014, 7:28 AM edit delete reply
Johnathan, is this by chance going to be perverted? That man in the background makes me think bad things are going to happen to Joy. :(

Either way I fully support you putting out an animation. Is a lot of work, but I know you can do it! Any money I have left over after paying rent this month I'll donate. Love your comics!
Johnathan Wrathborne 5th Sep 2014, 9:15 PM edit delete reply
Perverted? Nope. This is the antagonist of the story! He's wearing a creepy mask and jumpsuit, ala Michael Myers.

The toon and comic have been fully funded already SarakRiku, Thanks for the offer but you should save your money for yourself.We're in a crappy economy still and you probably need it more than I do. Again, thanks for the generous offer!
SaraRiku 8th Sep 2014, 1:07 PM edit delete reply
You're an awesome guy Johnathan. Can't wait for the animation!