Joy #190

17th Jun 2015, 8:56 AM
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Joy #190
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lirvilas 17th Jun 2015, 10:38 AM edit delete reply

Probably doesn't have anything to do with the debacle in Spokane, but nicely timed regardless.
Gaboris 18th Jun 2015, 8:20 AM edit delete reply
Spokane? What's that?

Google says that that's a town in Washington, but so far I couldn't find what happened there.
Gaboris 19th Jun 2015, 11:36 PM edit delete reply
Ouch... Okay you got a point. Nice timing I guess. :P
Monkeyman 25th Jun 2015, 12:21 AM edit delete reply
Yeah I think that's EXACTLY what this strip is about. lol
:D 17th Jun 2015, 2:20 PM edit delete reply
Well thats what im talking about!
Gaboris 18th Jun 2015, 8:18 AM edit delete reply
So is Joy starting to turn back to her old self or is it just that her new persona is actually a lot more like her then we had thought? :D
:D 19th Jun 2015, 7:08 PM edit delete reply
Yes it is!!Its almost like her old self thanks for saiyng it!Gaboris
Monkeyman 25th Jun 2015, 12:22 AM edit delete reply
Looks great, what else is new? Nice to see a new page and in the correct timeframe. I see she still has her old rage to spare.